Preparing Peter to preach the gospel to gentiles.

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Verses:Acts 10:1 ~ 10:16
Key Verse:19-20. And while Peter was pondering over the vision, the Spirit said to him, Behold, there are three men seeking you. But rise up, go down and go with them, doubting nothing, because I have sent them.
Topic:Preparing Peter to preach the gospel to gentiles.
Emphasis:The gospel shall be spread to the ends of earth. However, since all the disciples at that time were Jews who held to the traditions of Judaism, they refused to even eat with gentiles. Thus, God showed Peter the same vision three times to correct his opinion.
Meditate:God took time to prepare devout Cornelius to receive the gospel. On the other hand, preachers should also be prepared. Are we ready in preaching gospel?
Prayer:Thank You God for those devout people who You prepared for gospel. Equip me to be the outlet of Your word.
Hymn:116 How wonderful redemption is


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