The Gospel Spreads to Macedonia

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Verses:Acts 16:1 ~ 16:40
Key Verse:25-26. And about midnight Paul and Silas, while praying, sang hymns of praise to God; and the prisoners were listening to them. And suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison house were shaken. And instantly all the doors were opened and everyones bonds were unfastened.
Topic:The Gospel Spreads to Macedonia
Emphasis:The disciples could hardly sleep due to their wounds. Instead of complaining, they sang hymns of praise to God while praying. Such witness shook the earth, and thus the jailer and his household were all saved by God.
Meditate:When we facing difficulties, do we pray and sing hymns of praise to God, like the disciples?
Prayer:For the strong and victorious witness of apostles, I praise You. Lord, please make me not complain but in everything give thanks.
Hymn:778 Keep up the song of faith


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