Christian life guidelines

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Verses:Galatians 6:1 ~ 6:18
Key Verse:8. For he who sows unto his own flesh will reap corruption of the flesh, but he who sows unto the Spirit will of the Spirit reap eternal life.
Topic:Christian life guidelines
Emphasis:Spending time is like sowing. If the time is spent on things related to flesh, we will reap corruption. If we spend time on the Spirit, which means act according to the Spirit, we will receive the fruit of the Spirit.
Meditate:How did Paul “fulfill the law of Christ completely”(v2) and end the way of flesh? Please find the relevant verses.
Prayer:Praise the Lord; the book of Galatians made me understand that salvation is based on faith. Lord, help me live according to the Spirit.
Hymn:840 Freed from self and Adam’s nature,


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