Be saved, and sit with Christ Jesus

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Verses:Ephesians 2:1 ~ 2:10
Key Verse:5-6. Even when we were dead in offenses, made us alive together with Christ (by grace you have been saved) And raised us up together with Him and seated us together with Him in the heavenlies in Christ Jesus,
Topic:Be saved, and sit with Christ Jesus
Emphasis:How surpassing His saving grace is! Not only dealing with sin and death, but also raised us up together with Jesus, seated us with Him in the heavenlies, and eventually transforming us to be God’s masterpiece.
Meditate:Have we seen what God sees? Today we already seated with Jesus in the heavenlies; there is no need to wait until future.
Prayer:For the surpassing and perfect saving grace I praise You! Lord, let me always assure and experience this surpassing grace!
Hymn:132 Lo! in heaven Jesus sitting,


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