The request from Paul to accept the runaway slave as a brother

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Verses:Philemon 1:1 ~ 1:1
Key Verse:15-16. For perhaps for this reason he was separated from you for but an hour, that you might fully have him forever, No longer as a slave, but above a slave, a beloved brother, especially to me, but how much more to you, both in the flesh and in the Lord.
Topic:The request from Paul to accept the runaway slave as a brother
Emphasis:Onesimus was the slave of Philemon and fled to Rome. According to the law of that time, this was a capital crime. However, he met Paul and Paul preached the gospel to him. He was born again unto a new life by his faith and became a son of God as well as a beloved brother in the church.
Meditate:This witness is really an anti-age, anti-tradition case that the slave became the son of Paul in the spirit because of his faith in an era when people were sold as goods. Moreover, Paul humbly pled to Philemon, to receive Onesimus as a brother. This testimony influenced some saints in England in the nineteen century to promote the abolition of slavery.
Prayer:This testimony of accepting a sinner as a brother is a fragrant and faithful witness. Praise the Lord. Expand my heart to accept all the saints for God’s sake.
Hymn:One new man is the Father’s plan


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