Obey authority according to the example of Christ

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Verses:1_Peter 2:13 ~ 2:25
Key Verse:21-22. For this is grace, if anyone, because of a consciousness of God, bears sorrows by suffering unjustly. For what glory is it if, while sinning and being buffeted, you endure? But if, while doing good and suffering, you endure, this is grace with God.
Topic:Obey authority according to the example of Christ
Emphasis: When we live according to the peace in our spirit (“the consciousness of God”), Christians are often misunderstood and even persecuted because of their care of God’s righteousness and holiness. This is what the Lord Jesus’ life on earth looks like. He experienced injustice, was despised and persecuted, and eventually crucified. This is the example we should follow.
Meditate:Have we ever experienced that our “consciousness of God” is different with the trend of this age?
Prayer:Praise the Lord, You suffered for me and left an example to let me follow. Please keep me following Your footsteps, always in the grace with God.
Hymn:I am crucified with Christ


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