Enduring trials

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Verses:James 1:1 ~ 1:12
Key Verse:12. Blessed is the man who endures trial, because when he has become approved by testing, he will receive the crown of life, which He promised to those who love Him.
Topic:Enduring trials
Emphasis:Three things are important to Christians’ living: trials, faith and wisdom. When things are smooth and rosy, we cannot tell whether someone has faith. However, when difficulties come, the real situation is revealed. Hence, the Bible calls such tests “trials”. Only God’s wisdom will enable us to know: all situations are sovereignly arranged by God.
Meditate:Would we have God’s wisdom to experience “Count it all joy whenever you fall into various trials”?
Prayer:Lord, grant me wisdom, that I may joyfully face all kinds of trials in faith. Cause me to love God to gain the crown of life according to Your promise.
Hymn:789 What a Friend we have in Jesus


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