The triumph of the gospel

(9/19) |

Verses:2_Corinthians 2:1 ~ 2:17
Key Verse:14. But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumph in the Christ and manifests the savor of the knowledge of Him through us in every place.
Topic:The triumph of the gospel
Emphasis:These versus use the triumphant parade of the Roman army to depict the spreading of gospel. (see footnote #1 for verse 14). They tell us the gospel is the victory of Christ, who was crucified and overcame sin and death; He recaptured us and brought us back to God in the triumph of the gospel.
Meditate:Have we seen the glory and power of Gospel is the triumph parade of our God?
Prayer:Praise You Lord for letting me to join the triumphant parade of the gospel. Lord, please let me become a person who knows Christ, and preaches His gospel everywhere.
Hymn:163 O for a thousand tongues to sing


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