The grace and the fellowship of the ministry to the needy saints

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Verses:2_Corinthians 8:1 ~ 8:24
Key Verse:4-5. And this, not as we had hoped, but they gave themselves first to the Lord, and to us through the will of God. So we entreated Titus that, even as he began before, so also he would complete for you this grace as well.
Topic:The grace and the fellowship of the ministry to the needy saints
Emphasis:The church in Judaea was suffering from famine during the time when 2nd Corinthians was written. Saints in churches in other localities, especially those in Macedonia, donated their money to help the saints in Judaea after they learned this. Those who donated regarded their donation as God’s grace on them as well as fellowship with others in Christ. This was a sweet testimony of Christ’s body.
Meditate: Do we see when offer our money to God, that it is God’s grace to us? Do we grasp this kind of opportunity to experience His grace?
Prayer:Thank You, Lord for being poor for me such that I can have God’s richness. Please let me know how to use the riches You give me in the fellowship of one another, and experience Your grace.
Hymn:310 Once I was bound by sin’s galling fetters

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