Things that must quickly take place

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Verses:Revelation 1:1 ~ 1:20
Key Verse:1. The revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave to Him to show to His slaves the things that must quickly take place; and He made it known by signs, sending it by His angel to His slave John,
Topic:Things that must quickly take place
Emphasis:Revelation tells us “the things that must quickly take place” from the ascension of Jesus Christ to eternity (the New Jerusalem). This book firstly reveals to us many aspects of the Executor of God’s work, the Son of Man (Jesus Christ) who died and resurrected. This book also reveals the object of God’s work – the church (the lampstand).
Meditate:This chapter reveals many aspects concerning Jesus Christ. Please count them.
Prayer:Lord, I worship You for You are the Son of Man who walks among the seven churches. Open the eyes of my heart that I may understand Your revelation which reveals “things that must quickly take place”.
Hymn:1103 What He is: He’s the Father


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