Seven bowls

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Verses:Revelation 16
Key Verse:15. (Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he who watches and keeps his garments that he may not walk naked and they see his shame.)
Topic:Seven bowls
Emphasis:The first bowl will be an evil and malignant sore upon Satan’s followers. The seventh bowl is the war in Armageddon. These seven bowls consummate God’s wrath.
Meditate:Warned believers to watch and keep their garments. Garments refer to the believer’s behavior. “Garments” are repeatedly mentioned in Revelation (3:4-5, 3:18, 7:14, 19:8). Think about how to “watch and keep the garments.”
Prayer:Lord, teach me to become one who watches and keeps my own garment, willing to pay the price, sanctifying my behavior and walking with you.
Hymn:523 I have come to the Fountain of Life,


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