The Apostles walk according to the Spirit

(9/18) |

Verses:2_Corinthians 1:12 ~ 1:24
Key Verse:20-22. For as many promises of God as there are, in Him is the Yes; therefore also through Him is the Amen to God, for glory through us to God. But the One who firmly attaches us with you unto Christ and has anointed us is God, He who has also sealed us and given the Spirit in our hearts as a pledge.
Topic:The Apostles walk according to the Spirit
Emphasis:Here Paul explained why he did not yet visit Corinth, since in the first epistle he promised that he will visit them. So he uses this opportunity to reveal that the scope of God’s promises with its certainty are in the Spirit for us to experience.
Meditate:God’s promises are “yes” in Christ. God connects us firmly with Christ through the promises of God and makes us experience the certainty of God’s promises. Do you really know what the scope of God’s promises is?
Prayer:Praise the Lord that I can hear your promise. Please teach me how to enjoy more of your promises.
Hymn:575 I take Thy promise, Lord, in all its length


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