He is the “I Am”

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Verses:John 8:45 ~ 8:59
Key Verse:58. Jesus said to them, Truly, truly, I say to you, Before Abraham came into being, I am.
Topic:He is the “I Am”
Emphasis:In John chapter 8, there are three verses which mention “I Am” (24, 28, 58), in Exodus 3:13, when Moses asked for the name of God, God said to Moses in verse 14: “I AM WHO I AM.”(Jehovah is “I am” in Hebrew) Here Jesus has clearly demonstrated to the Pharisees that He is God (Jehovah) who became a man.
Meditate:The Gospel of John reveals to us many aspects of what Jesus “is”: He is word, light, and life in chapter 1; the bread of life in chapter 6; the light of life in chapter 8, etc. Think about what the difference is between “came into being” and “AM” in the verse 58.
Prayer:For all what You are, I praise You! Please teach me how to enjoy Your riches through faith.
Hymn:190 O Lord, as we consider Thee,


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