Fellow workers in the truth

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Verses:3_John 1:1 ~ 1:1
Key Verse:7-8. For on behalf of the Name they went out, taking nothing from the Gentiles. We therefore ought to support such ones that we may become fellow workers in the truth.
Topic:Fellow workers in the truth
Emphasis:When we support those brothers who travel for the Lord, we are their fellow workers in the truth. Some saints are called by Lord to go out for preaching, while some others are supporting those who are going out. They all are fellow workers in the truth.
Meditate:In this chapter the apostle praises Gaius and Demetrius, but condemns Diotrephes. This states an important principle of Church: “Do not imitate the evil, but the good.” (Verse 11)
Prayer:Church is the pillar and base of the truth. Please help me, grasping every opportunity in the church life, become a fellow worker in the truth.
Hymn:1152 To Jesus every day we find our hearts are closer drawn


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