The end of Judas; Jesus judged by Pilate

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Verses:Matthew 27:1 ~ 27:32
Key Verse:11~12. And Jesus stood before the governor, and the governor questioned Him, saying, Are You the King of the Jews? And Jesus said, It is as you say. And while He was being accused by the chief priests and elders, He answered nothing.
Topic:The end of Judas; Jesus judged by Pilate
Emphasis:Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. Jesus, not defending Himself, obeyed the Father’s will until death.
Meditate:The love of money is a root of all evils (1 Timothy 6:10). Let us be like Jesus following the Father’s will whole-heartedly.
Prayer:God, keep me from being attracted by money. I desire to be drawn to You every day. Cause me to follow Your will more and more.
Hymn:994 Oh, how dark the night that wrapt my spirit round


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