Walking becomingly and hoping resurrection

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Verses:1_Thessalonians 4:1 ~ 4:18
Key Verse:13. But we do not want you to be ignorant, brothers, concerning those who are sleeping, that you would not grieve even as also the rest who have no hope.
Topic:Walking becomingly and hoping resurrection
Emphasis:From the material point view, the church consists of a crowd and there are a lot of human interactions. Fornication is most offensive, causes serious damaging in the church life, and will be rejected by God.
Meditate:If we are those “who are left remaining unto the coming of the Lord”(v15a), we must have a correct understanding of resurrection; otherwise, we may sad like the outside world. We miss those who are sleeping in Jesus Christ, but we know that we will meet with each other again in resurrection.
Prayer:Thank God, we are those who have hope of resurrection. Please keep me walking becomingly in this life. Then we can face death with boldness.
Hymn:789 What a Friend we have in Jesus


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